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What We Offer

Conveniently located at the intersection of Broadway and Houston Streets in lower Manhattan, The Noho Pilates studio was founded in 1998 by Stephen Williams and Cary Twomey. The studio is now staffed by Williams and six other instructors.

Each instructor at The Noho Pilates Studio is certified in the teachings of Joseph Pilates. We are all educated in Anatomy, Biomechanics, Post-Injury Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular Re-training, Pre/Post Natal and Ideokinesis, and continue to train in these and other disciplines and techniques. In addition, each instructor maintains an active Pilates practice.

In your first session with us, you will be assessed to determine the appropriate training regimen for your physical condition. A program is tailored to your specific musculoskeletal imbalances, chronic physical issues and special needs.